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Our Policies

Our housekeeping procedures are in accordance with CDC recommendations, including laundry, cleaning, and disinfecting. We also no longer allow bookings on the same day other guests are checking out to better protect all guests and our housekeepers. Finally, our office is closed until further notice. All check-ins/check-outs are contact-free. 

By booking a cabin with Noisy Water Lodge, guests are responsible for and

agree to all the conditions listed in all policies. 

OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

We are available by phone (575.257.3881) and email (  Please leave a voicemail if we do not answer, and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

After normal business hours and on the weekends, you may call or text 325.650.1131.

RESERVATIONS: Reservations may be made by phone, email, Internet booking, or in person. A credit card is required, and the deposit is due upon booking. Excluding our winter season, the deposit is equal to one night's stay plus tax. The balance of the stay is due the day before arrival, and this amount may be paid with the credit card on file or a new/different credit/debit card. Non-payment will result in forfeiture of the reservation and of the booking fee. If a reservation is made 48 hours or less prior to check-in, the full amount of the stay will be required. 

*When booking online, a request is sent to us before any payment is taken. When we receive the request,

we review it and apply appropriate discounts, cleaning fees, and pet fees when applicable. 

*Each reservation will include a 3% processing fee. 

*Excluding holidays, a two night minimum is required to book a cabin. 

PAYMENT: We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

DISCOUNTS: Discounts will not be applied after we receive the final payment. Please let us know if you qualify for a discount prior to that!

During the Thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas holiday season (December 15 - January 5) discounts will not be given. 

Discounts cannot be combined but we will always apply the discount of the greater value when booking.

When a cabin has a "promotional low nightly rate," the  discount is already included and no other discounts will be applied. 

WINTER RESERVATIONS: During our winter holiday season (December 1 - January 5), an initial fee equal to 50% of the entire stay (room rate, tax, pet fee, and extra person fee if applicable) is due at the time of booking; the balance is due December 1. Any reservations made for this season on or after December 1 must be paid in full at the time of booking. Both the booking fee and balance are non-refundable.  

INCLEMENT WEATHER: From late October until spring, pay careful attention to local temperatures and weather forecasts and advisories. Test the decks, stairs, and roadways for ice before traversing. All surfaces may be icy even when they appear otherwise. (Fallen pine needles may also make the walkways slippery.) Wear proper winter footwear and walk and drive carefully. We cannot assume responsibility for falls. If you encounter a slippery area on the property that we have not sanded, please call the office so we can take care of it.

During the winter season in Ruidoso, it is important that guests are aware of local weather and travel advisories. Weather conditions can change suddenly, and AWD or 4WD vehicles are highly recommended. With vehicles that are front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, we recommend guests bring chains or cables. 

Do not assume having 4-wheel drive will prevent sliding downhill on ice. If you are backing down the roadway in a truck, it may help to lower your tail gate to better see what you are doing.

We will make sure the driveway and deck are clear for your arrival. We will not plow while it is steadily snowing, however. When driving in the Upper Canyon, pay attention to the side streets as well as the main road. Those drivers new to winter driving may experience sliding out of control on the main or side roads. Drive more slowly and defensively for everyone’s safety!

Each cabin should be equipped with a snow shovel and broom. It is a good idea to shovel/sweep your deck before there is much traffic on it as packed down snow can become icy and slippery; it also becomes harder to remove. 

Do not turn off any main heater or furnace during the winter season. Do not turn the temperature below 60 degrees.

When the temperature drops below freezing, leave the water faucets steadily dripping so the plumbing does not freeze. Please ensure that the sinks/tubs are not plugged so there is no overflow onto the floor.

FOR CABINS WITH FIREPLACES: Do not use any liquid substances to start or accelerate a fire.

Make sure the metal screen covers the fireplace opening entirely. Repair or

replacement of burned carpet or flooring will be charged to the credit card on file.

CANCELLATIONS: Guests who cancel 30 (or more) days before check-in will receive a refund less a $35 processing fee. Guest cancellations less than 30 days prior to check-in will not receive a refund.

    *  Early departures will not be refunded, and no-shows will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

    *  This policy does not affect the winter reservation cancellation policy as explained above.

SEASONAL RATES AND REQUIREMENTS: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are closed to arrivals and departures. Please see below for the seasonal nightly minimum requirements:

Spring Break: Three night minimum

Labor Day Weekend: Three night minimum

Thanksgiving Week: Three night minimum

Christmas Holiday (December 15 - 27): Four night minimum

New Year Holiday (December 27 - January 5): Three night minimum


Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. 

Check-out time is 11:00 a.m.

Check-outs later than 11:00 a.m. without prior management approval will result in a $50.00 per hour fee.

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are closed to arrivals and departures. 

During the Thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas holiday season (December 15 - January 5),

early check-ins and late check-outs will not be allowed. 

DAMAGE: Any damage to or loss of Noisy Water Lodge cabins and property while they are occupied is the responsibility of the guest/s and will be charged to the credit card on file. We ask that the cabins are treated with the same care and respect as a personal residence and that they are left in the same condition in which they are found including the placement of furniture and appliances. Failure to do so will result in the necessary fees to restore the property to its prior condition.

*We ask that our guests notify us immediately if damage to any of the property is evident

or occurs during their stay. We also request to be notified immediately of non-functioning

appliances or maintenance/mechanical issues to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests.

We want all our guests to enjoy their stay and want to do our part to ensure that!

We cannot address these issues or remedy them after the guest departs. 

APPLIANCES: Please notify us if any appliances are not working properly so we can address the issue and provide a substitution if possible. Also, we do not supply laundry detergent, fabric softener, or dryer sheets in the cabins with washers/dryers. 

LOST KEYS: Guests are expected to close/secure all doors and windows when leaving the cabin. Upon final departure, return the key/s to the key box and scramble the code (see DEPARTURE ETIQUETTE below). Not securing the cabin properly allows animals or unauthorized people to enter the cabin which may result in damage or theft. There is a $25 fee for leaving doors or windows open. Taking the keys with you or losing them will result in a $25 fee, as well. That fee will be greater if the locks have to be changed and is dependent on our cost. The credit card on file will be charged and the guest will be notified.

*If you happen to take the key/s with you, please contact us

immediately to arrange returning them and to avoid the lost key fee. 

PETS: Pets are welcome in most of our cabins. Please click the icon to see which cabins are pet-friendly.         

The pet fee is $25.00 per pet. Bringing pets without notice or to cabins where pets are not allowed will result in extra fees or eviction. We ask that you clean up after your pets and do not allow them on the beds or furniture. It is also preferable that you kennel them if they are left alone in the cabin. If your pet causes damage to the property or furnishings, we will charge the card on file for repair or replacement. Your credit card will be charged a minimum of $50 if your pet necessitates a carpet or upholstery cleaning. We reserve the right to limit the number of animals in a cabin. Additionally, we ask that all pets be kept on a leash at all times when outside the cabins. 

HOT TUBS: Several of our cabins have hot tubs which may be used by approved guests and at their own risk. Use of hot tubs by non-approved guests is prohibited. Children must be supervised at all times. Pets are never allowed in the hot tubs. We ask that they remain closed (cover on) when guests are away from the cabin and when not in use for prolonged periods of time. If a hot tub must be drained, cleaned, and refilled due to debris and filth, the guest will be charged a minimum of $50.00 cleaning fee. If a guest renders a hot tub non-functioning due to misuse, a repair or replacement fee will be charged. We check the hot tub before every arrival and immediately upon departure. We do not charge for normal use which necessitates our regular cleaning and refreshing of water and chemicals -- only when there is excessive debris that requires hours of work to prepare for the next guest. We thoroughly clean the hot tubs, draining and refilling when necessary, on a regular basis between guest visits. 

CONDUCT: We reserve the right to limit the number of guests in our cabins. We want all our guests to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings without conflict or disruption. Because noise carries a long distance here and to preserve the tranquility of the Upper Canyon, please observe the 10:00 p.m. - 9:00 a.m. "quiet time." All music and conversation should be kept to a respectful volume/minimum outdoors and indoors. Disturbing, disrespectful noise or activity will be addressed. Management reserves the right to have offending parties removed. Furthermore, management reserves the right to have removed any guests who misrepresent their identity, size of party, or engage in any unlawful or disrespectful behavior. 

FIRE: Fire is a serious and potentially destructive hazard in the Upper Canyon, particularly during very dry conditions. We ask that all guests familiarize themselves with our policy regarding fire and smoking, year-round. Pit or free-standing fires are never allowed. (Please see our Smoking Policy below.)

We also ask that you follow the local fire restrictions, as well, which can be found here:

To report a fire, please call 911 immediately. Call the office after you have made the emergency call. 

Most of our cabins have fireplaces and all have outdoor barbecues. We ask that you do not use any liquid accelerants in either. Use wood and starter blocks only in the wood-burning fireplaces. Do not attempt to burn wood or any other material in the gas fireplaces and propane barbecues. Failure to follow these guidelines will incur a minimum fee of $250.00. Please make sure fireplace screens are in place when enjoying a fire as burns to the carpet will result in a charge to the credit card on file for repair, cleaning, or replacement. 

SMOKING: All cabins are non-smoking inside. For some cabins, smoking is allowed outside. There will be additional charges equaling $250.00 if there is evidence of smoking inside any of the cabins or where it is prohibited or if smoking material is not properly discarded where smoking is allowed. Fire is always a concern in the canyon, so please do not throw spent cigarettes on the ground or throw them out the window of your vehicle. There are times that smoking is prohibited by city order. To keep everyone and the environment protected, please be aware of area smoking bans and refrain from any smoking. If an unintended fire occurs inside or outside the cabin, please call 911 immediately and then contact us. 

Local Updates on Fire Restrictions:

WILDLIFE: Wild animals roam the area freely and are part of the beauty of the Upper Canyon. Please do not leave food on the decks or throw it outside. Do not attempt to feed any of the wild animals for their protection and yours. When throwing away trash in the dumpsters, please always close the lids. During most of the year, black bears often wander onto the property and surrounding areas. These bears are wild and potentially dangerous.
Do not attempt to approach any bear or to lure them with food. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in serious injury to you or others.

DEPARTURE ETIQUETTE: Before departure/checking out, please ensure the kitchen is free of dirty dishes and left-over food (inside the refrigerator and anywhere inside or outside the cabin). All dirty towels may be placed in the bathtub or on the bathroom floor (or in the laundry room if applicable). Secure all doors and windows carefully, lock the doors, especially the main entrance, return the key to the key box, and scramble the code. Please bag all trash and throw away in any of the large tan dumpsters. To locate the nearest dumpster please call us at 575.257.3881 (after hours and weekends - 325.650.1131). If you are somehow prevented from doing these common courtesies, please compensate the housekeeper.

If the cabin is left excessively dirty with trash or food left inside or out, an additional cleaning fee will be charged. 

INSURANCE AND LIABILITY: All guests are responsible for their own safety and property and should educate themselves with regard to the mountainous environment and weather conditions. The owners of Noisy Water Lodge do not assume liability for the loss, theft, damage, or injury (minor or fatal) to persons or their personal property. Guests agree to indemnify and hold the owners harmless for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with guests’ use and occupancy of the rental property, including but not limited to claims for personal injury or property damage/loss. Guests are hereby made aware that our insurance does not cover their personal property or persons, nor does it cover damage done by guests.

By booking a cabin with Noisy Water Lodge, guests are responsible

for and agree to all the conditions listed in all policies. 

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